Building digital
products & brands.

Codemint helps you build your products by joining you as a technology partner.

Work with the best in class technologies which are scalable and reliable from day one.

Our primary tech stack is Elixir, Phoenix Framework with Phoenix LiveView. These are battle tested technologies that are used by companies like Discord, Pinterest, Bleac etc., to build their products serving millions of users.

  • Agile Workflow, with daily standups and weekly demos
  • In house design, development & product teams
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous deployment
  • Well documented & well tested codebase
  • High performance & scalable applications with out breaking the bank
  • Quick to market with our rapid prototyping & MVP development

We deliver great service experiences fast - without the complexity of traditional ITSM solutions.

Partner in your journey.

We partner with you in your journey to build your product. We are not just a development agency, we are your technology partner.

  • Product analytics & insights
  • SEO & Marketing strategy
  • A/B Testing & Conversion optimization
  • Custom Business automation support
  • 24/7 Support & Maintenance
  • End Customer support & Feedback management
We believe in building long term relationships with our clients.
You thrive we thrive. As a technology partner, we help you with everything from product design, development, marketing, analytics, support and maintenance.

Trusted Worldwide

Trusted by over 600 million users and 100's of teams.

Applications built with Codemint Work are secure, fast and scalable. Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to protect you and your customers.

99.99% uptime

Apps that we build are with zero deployment downtime & hot code swaps.

600M+ Users

Trusted by over 600 million users around the world

100+ countries

Application that we built are used in over 100+ countries around the world

5+ Million

Applications that we build process 5+ million USD per day.

We invest in you & your product, help you as a long term technology partner

Here at Codemint we focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth.

Startup & MVP

Best option for products at ideation stage & test Product Market Fit

from $12 USD/hr
  • E2E Product Management
  • E2E Product Development
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Team size: 3 Dev + Design + Product
  • Duration : 90-120 days
  • Support: On Call support limited
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Relevant for multiple users, extended & premium support.

$99 /month
  • Individual configuration
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Team size: 10 developers
  • Premium support: 24 months
  • Free updates: 24 months
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Best for large scale uses and extended redistribution rights.

$499 /month
  • Individual configuration
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Team size: 100+ developers
  • Premium support: 36 months
  • Free updates: 36 months
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